• Brain Mapping

    Brain mapping identifies the source of psychological issues, not just the symptoms. Mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, or hyperactivity are caused by numerous sources, involving different brain networks.

  • Children & Teens

    Neurotherapy is suited for children. Not only are the video games appealing to children, they also have an extra dimension of neural plasticity that many […]

  • Brainwaves

    At the root of all our thoughts, emotions and behaviours is the communication between neurons within our brains. Brainwaves are produced by synchronised electrical pulses […]


Our mission is to provide the most advanced and comprehensive approach to healing available. We are committed to personal, individualised treatment and the advancement of research and knowledge in the fields of Neurotherapy and Neuroscience.

Modern neuroscience has sparked a revolution - it has shown us that we have more personal control over the behaviour of our brains than we ever thought possible. We can change attitudes, beliefs, emotional states, and behaviour; all by using the power of neuroplasticity.

Our leading-edge Neurotherapy sessions harness the brain’s capacity for change, training your mind so you can operate at your peak. The ability to strengthen your cognitive weaknesses, to re-route thought patterns and break emotional habits can be life-changing.

Mental or physical problems are often reflected in imbalances in the brain. When a brain is functioning well, and the person is attentive, the frequencies of brainwaves show a particular pattern. When the brainwave frequencies deviate significantly from the norm, there may be an adverse impact on cognitive, emotional, and physical function. Neurotherapy helps re-train the brain to function normally by providing positive reinforcement, therefore often relieving problems in the body and mind.

At the root of all our thoughts, emotions and behaviours lay the intricate networks of communication among the billions of neurons within our brains. A measurement of this communication activity, like the rhythm or pulse of a flowing river, is the brainwaves. Brainwaves are tiny pulses of the electrical activity that are produced as the neurons communicate with each other. By influencing these electrical patterns, we can change the brain's communication. This means that when there are patterns set up within the brain that are not working correctly there will be corresponding problems. As an example: when you experience stress and you feel the reaction occur in your body such as a stomach ache, headache or some other symptom, your brain has triggered within itself a pattern that results in these symptoms. These patterns are sometimes referred to as pathologically stable patterns. These pathological patterns can arise from a variety of possible stressors, i.e. abuse, physical trauma, emotional trauma, chronic continuous stress, worry, anxiety, etc. As a response to the perceived threat, the brain has adopted a protective pattern in an effort to deal with the past (it can be just a memory) or present trauma. The brain is simply doing the best it can to protect us and enable us to deal with the real or unreal dangers and threats it perceives. A wide variety of problems and disorders can be traced back to this underlying problem.

The method trains your brainwaves, just like physical exercise can train your body. When the brain is not functioning optimally, this is often reflected in mental or physical problems. Restoring function to the brain by means of Neurotherapy can alleviate a large variety of physical and emotional problems.

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Our leading-edge Neurotherapy sessions harness the brain’s capacity for change, energising your mind so you can operate at your peak.

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